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Srimukhi has become a great workout with Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has just been busy in season 3 .. Sreemukhi, who is still active and is in the second place in the final stage, has become a great workout due to Bigg Boss. Big Boss Runner-Up Srimukhi, who has been enjoying the Big Boss housemates with her friends in the Maldives and enjoying them there, wants to make Bigg Boss good. Srimukhi was a celebrity who had no negativity before she really went to Bigg Boss. But after the move to Bigg Boss, in the case of Rahul, Sreemukhi Mentality in terms of tasks, she has covered a lot of negativity.

However, Srimukhi shouted loudly in the Bigg Boss house. With Nagarjuna as the loudspeaker. However, the voice of Srimukhi in the Bigg Boss house has made her voice good. The star was ready to shout at Srimukhi at the loudspeaker show.

And Srimukhi in the show promo. Appeared to scream aloud. If so in the promo itself. How annoying the star is to our audience when she screams at the show .. Let's see

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