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Sukumar Kay is not. Beginning with Devi, too

Sukumar took a lot of time to make a film with Allu Arjun. After making minor changes to the story of Mahesh Kadal, Sukumar's head came to life when he made the story to suit Allu Arjun's style. Allu Arjun has also alleged that Sukumar had been drinking three ponds of water. Allu Arjun is also issuing an ultimatum to Devi Sri Prasad, the music director of Sukku court.

Allu Arjun Promotions Strategy wave is very close to Vaikunthampuram. On the advice of Allu Arjun, Thaman Ala completed the song songs in Vaikunthapuram .. Allu Arjun said that three months before the release of the film, one song was on the market and shaked everyone. However, Devishri Sarileru Neekevruvu film has not yet been properly sung with music. Allu Arjun is saying that Devisree should be perfect in the case of a film with a sukku. "Allu Arjun has said to Devi that Strong is not a song that is compromised in terms of song, but how many tunes can be okay ..

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