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After Baahubali, Prabhas went to America for a short while for Saho. However, in the shots of the film Saho is fit in the shot .. He is a large percentage of the film. Looks also appeared in Aged Person Law. Prabhas appeared to be a little fat rather than a little weight for Haight. Prabhas look great in Saho. But with the loss of Saho cinema. For his next film, John, Saho is well known for his workouts. This is not to say that Prabhas' workouts under the auspices of trainers have been leaked in the form of photos. Abba Prabhas thought that the body was struggling to get down.

But Prabhas was not at all weighted down. This is because Prabhas O's producer's son's latest appearance at the wedding is as plump as ever. Although Prabhas appears as a special attraction at the wedding. Prabhas is once again trolling on the look. That means more fat. Craze is declining as a hero. And even though Vijay Deverakonda and Namrata attended the wedding, everyone's eyes were on Bahubali Prabhas. That's because they are cutting for John. Prabhas, as usual, is shocked by his appearance. Prabhas is a natural foodie. Fans worry that the body will shut up ..

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